March & April Classes & Events!

Now that we've settled into our permanent home we thought it would be a good time to let you guys know about the upcoming classes and events we're hosting in the new classroom! To sign up just follow the links or call/email/DM us if you have any questions!

Local astrologer Jacob Trayer is doing a 2 hour introductory class on the mechanics of an astrological chart. 


Paul Koudounaris, author of the book "Heavenly Bodies" is coming to discuss and sign his book.


Retired coroner Ron Crawford will discuss his past experiences in death investigation including murder, cannibalism, and dismemberment.


Taxidermy classes are always taught by Doug and Suzi James of Frank James Artistry. All materials are always provided and students get to leave with their completed mount.


Learn how to prepare, hydrate, spread, and mount a variety of bugs and butterflies. Students take home finished insects as well as the entomology kit!


Tea leaf reader Susanne Brent will teach the ritual involved in preparing tea as well as detailed instructions on how to read the pattern of the leaves.


Our most popular class! Again, taught by Doug and Suzi James of Frank James Artistry. All materials are provided and students get to take their finished mounts!


Learn tarot basics with seasoned reader Allison Dee. This crash course on cartomancy offers a brief history of tarot, and a “quick & dirty” rundown of how to start reading in a flash. Novice readers will develop a meaningful relationship with cards, rather simply memorizing meanings.