Ethical Sourcing

Though hunting and mounting animals for sport does still exist, most taxidermy stores like ours maintain a desire for ethical sourcing. So, what does ‘ethically sourced' really mean?

At Curious Nature we strive to source our pieces with as much background knowledge as possible. To us, ethic-sourcing means that all of our taxidermy mounts are vintage, died a natural death, or that at no time recently were hunted or killed for sport. Most of our mounts are a minimum of fifteen years old, in fact. Buying vintage taxidermy can mean repairing and restoring pieces that may have been neglected and giving them ‘new life.’  All of the suppliers and artists we work with collect animals and insects that have naturally expired either on farms or in the wild. Others preserve the way of life that their culture has thrived on by hunting and trapping, using all parts of the animal in the process. Bones and skulls from animals like chickens, ducks, alligators, and rabbits are a byproduct of the farming industry, as well as these cultural practices. Butterfly and insect farming actually aides in the conservation of rainforests and at-risk areas because it promotes the continued protection of the environment these species depend on.

All in all, taxidermy promotes an education of the natural world and the conservation efforts that keep the species we represent flourishing. If you let it, there’s a possibility it will spark an interest for the natural world you never thought you’d have.