Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is May 14th! Are you guys ready?? Find the perfect present here!


1. Books

 We have a whole library of books available, here are some notable examples that moms will enjoy!


2. Poison Perfume

Let mom experience the joy of poisoning those around her with our intoxicating scents. Choose from Arsenic, Cyanide, Ether and Strychnine. 


3. Witchy Tote Bags

For the witchy mama that has to carry it all.


4. Dream Wings Jewelry


What could be more timeless than a butterfly wing pendant? 


5. Jewelry


We also carry a variety of other handmade jewelry, including bone jewelry made by us in house!


 6. Poison Candles


 Fill mom's home with the unforgettable scent of POISON!


7. Framed Insects

Our beautiful forest mother of pearl butterflies are among our most popular for Mother’s Day. 


8. Journals


With a variety of themes such as minerals, mushrooms, and bones, there's a journal to fit any style or taste.  


 9. Dried Floral Bouquets

Instead of a bouquet that is only good for a couple of days, how about one that can last you a couple of years??


10. Plants/Terrariums/Planters


We carry a wide array of planters and terrarium making supplies such as moss, glass containers, shells, and lots of other fun specimens to spice up a botanical display!


P.S. Make sure you check out our greeting card selection! We design all of our own greeting cards in house and are proud to provide such unique cards for any occasion!