Curious Nature's Top 10 Gifts

We pride ourselves on being one of, if not the BEST place in Phoenix to get unique gifts for your loved ones. With the holidays right around the corner, we've compiled a list of what we believe are some of the best items in the shop to take the stress out of holiday shopping.

 10. Gift Cards!

First thing's first, we have gift cards available! Load them for any quantity and your loved ones can come choose for themselves. You can even load them for the amount of a class so your loved ones can sign up whenever they want. It can't go wrong!! 

9. Stuffed Animals

While everyone else is hunting around for Squishmallows, we have plenty of life-like plush toys. These are great to snuggle with and beautiful enough to display in your home!

A rhinoceros beetle and octopus plush 

8. Puzzles

Everyone loves puzzles! A fun activity that's both fun and challenging for your brain! Ranging from 500-1000 piece puzzles, seeing the image come together is so satisfying!


7. Books

We have multiple bookshelves fully stocked from books about natural history to astrology to bad taxidermy, as well as coloring/activity books! Kids and adults and anyone in between can find a good book in these shelves!

6. Framed Bugs

We have so many professionally mounted bugs and insects from all around the world! So many butterflies, moths, spiders, beetles, etc to choose from!

Here's a small sampling of the mounted insects we carry!!


5. Shirts

All of our shirts are drawn by local artists who are long time friends of the shop! Sizes range from S-3XL so you can rep some really cool artwork while supporting a small shop!

These are just a few examples of the unique designs we carry, drawn by Kat Monster, Bree Lin, and Earthgrasper

4. Entomology Kits

If you're interested in pinning your own insects at home, our kits include everything you need! They come with a hydration chamber, spreading board, 300 entomology pins, glassine sheets, forceps, and pinning instructions.

3. Classes and Workshops

Here at Curious Nature, we offer a variety of classes and workshops to the public. Seating is limited so it's best to sign up as soon as you can!

Classes we currently offer:

  • Entomology Classes-where you learn how to pin your own insects. Includes all specimens and materials and you get to take your specimens home-ready to frame!
  • Taxidermy Classes-we offer a variety of animals throughout the year, such as rats, birds, and even jackalopes! All materials are provided and students get to leave with their finished mounts!
  • Dome Building Workshops-build your own dome! We provide all materials you'll need, such as moss, craft skulls, dried flowers, and moths.
  • Collage Nights-perfect for making unique and one of a kind greeting cards!

Pictured here are some students from a recent jackalope class (and instructor Doug)

    We offer other events throughout the year, such as tea leaf readings, chat with a coroner, still life art nights, and we're always looking to add more! Keep up with our schedule here on the website or on instagram!

    2. Deluxe Curiosity Box

    The deluxe box has a unique sampling of items from the shop, they can include anything from stones, shells, bones, books, and even skulls! The perfect way to let us decide for you so you don't have to make the tough choice of what to pick!

     1. Gold Curiosity Box

    Just like our deluxe box, our gold box is the perfect gift for the naturally curious! Our gold curiosity boxes have a premium sampling of items from the shop. You never know what you might get, but that's part of the fun!


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