Best Stocking Stuffers at Curious Nature

The holiday season is here! Here at Curious Nature we know how special it is to be able to give unique gifts to our loved ones. We've compiled a list of the perfect stocking stuffers at the shop to make your shopping a little easier.


1. Stickers!

Everyone loves stickers! The excitement of finding the perfect place, whether it's your car, water bottle, a notebook! Any place is perfect. We have so many designs to choose from, we're sure you'll be able to find one that's just right. Just a small sampling shown here!


 2. Enamel Pins

Who doesn't love a bit of flair to add to their jackets? All are designed in house and perfect for the spooky person in your life!


3. Candles

Just like our enamel pins, our candles were designed by us here! We have plenty of variety to choose from, including our limited edition Evergreen holiday candle, which has notes of pine, fir balsam, cardamom, and pepper. So cozy!!


4. Acrylic Specimens

Our acrylic specimens do vary in price and size, but they start at just $7.99! These can double as paperweights but also look great on any shelf or curio cabinet. We also find that these make great gifts for the little ones in your life that are starting to get curious about oddities!


5. Ouija Mints

We're not saying anyone has bad breath, but who doesn't like to be minty fresh?? These mints are planchette shaped, and the embossed tin is perfect for storing little trinkets once you're done!


6.  Tarot Decks

A common story about the Tarot is that your first set should be a gift from someone else. Keep up with tradition, any of our sets would make excellent starter decks!



7. Small Books

Although we have a couple of shelves full of books, it's the smaller pocket books that we think could be the perfect cherry on top to your stockings. Notable pocket books include A Pocket Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, the Fortune-Telling Book of Dreams, and Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark.


8. POISON! Perfumes

Like the candles, we designed these scents ourselves! These scents are also available in our POISON! Candles so it's possible to get the set! 


9. Vintage Fortunes

At just $2.99, it's so fun to grab one of these for everyone's stocking! Here's a couple examples of what these fortunes look like!


10. Gift Cards!

If all else fails you can always throw a gift card in so your naturally curious loved ones can come in and choose for themselves! We hope you have a happy holiday season and good luck with your shopping!!