Science in the Séance Room by Paul Miller

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A long overdue reprint of the rare classic book from 1945 by Paul Miller. The author scoured many books and papers of eminent scientists who investigated psychic phenomena and mediums in the early days of Spiritualism (from Russel Wallace to Sir Wm Crookes and Dr Crawford with the Goligher Circle). The book contains not only detailed descriptions of the experiments of 10 of those men, but also their own words justifying their conclusions of the phenomena they had witnessed with various mediums under tight experimental control. Miller's aim in collecting this evidence is to stimulate curiosity, and to advance interest until people find for themselves whether this thing be true or false for them, just as it has been proved to myriads of others on this planet. Often vilified for their work in this area it is important that their work is remembered and gives us stepping stones in the future.

 Paperback, 196 pages

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