Strange Animals by Tom Jackson

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Including egg-laying mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, cannibalistic insects and other invertebrates, Strange Animals is a compelling introduction to some of nature’s most curious beasts.
How does a mudskipper fish manage to “walk” on land? Why is the Hoatzin also known as “The Stinkbird”? And once the female Pipa toad has laid her eggs, where does she put them? The answers? The mudskipper can “walk” using its pectoral fins, the Hoatzin has a unique digestive system that gives the bird a manure-like odor, and the female Pipa toad embeds its eggs on its back, where they develop to adult stage. Illustrated throughout with outstanding color photographs, Strange Animalspresents the attributes of 100 of the most curious species. The selection spans a broad spectrum of wildlife, from the tallest land-living mammal, the giraffe, to the light, laughing chorus of Australian kookaburra birds, from the intelligence of the bottlenose dolphin to octopuses that change color when they dream to the slow pace of the three-toed sloth. Arranged geographically, the photographs are accompanied by fascinating captions, which explain the quirky characteristics of each entry.

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