Secrets of Predictive Astrology: Improve the Scope of Your Forecasts Using William Frankland's Techniques by Anthony Louis

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In the 1920s, London astrologer William Frankland revolutionized predictive astrology. His logical and orderly methods were revered for their direct reliance on the birth chart instead of complex and time-consuming mathematics. Though Frankland's name is not well-known today, his rapid and reliable techniques are still relevant. Now you can learn them for yourself.

Unsatisfied with the traditional techniques of his time, Frankland turned to texts by Claudius Ptolemy and Alan Leo to develop more nuanced accuracy in forecasting. Drawing from Frankland's two books, author Anthony Louis analyzes more than sixty example charts, showing how inclusive and uncomplicated these game-changing techniques can be, even with charts where the exact birth time is not known.

Louis delves into the relationship between one's age and zodiac signs, using Ptolemy's seven ages of man and Alan Leo's twelve stages of life, and how birth numbers can identify potentially significant years. He also explores how Frankland utilized midpoints, symbolic directions, planetary periods, operative influences, the twelve houses, and more. With Louis’s valuable insight on Frankland's predictive system, you can make the most of opportunities to come.

Paperback, 440 pages

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