Poison Candle

Size: Strychnine Tumbler
Sale price$ 24.99


Fill your home with the unforgettable scent of POISON! Our top four favorites are arsenic, cyanide, ether and strychnine, but they surely won’t cause any long term effects. Although they will permeate through your halls, creating a fatally delightful ambiance. 

Soy and coconut candle wax. 6oz candles in either a glass tumbler or tin with lid. Approx. 45 hours of burn time. 

Arsenic - aldehydes, marine essence, sandalwood and amber. 

Cyanide - smoky wood and sweet citrus.

Ether - woody moss, musk, crisp citrus and French melon. 

Strychnine - clove, rose, jasmine, leather, sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla. 

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