Paper Besanti Moth and Leaf Insect Set

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The ‘Leaf’ Besanti Moth and Leaf Insect 4 Pack Set includes:
  • 1 Rare Moon Moth (Argema besanti) 4.5"
  • 1 Leaf Insect (Phyllium giganteum) 3.25" x 4.5"
  • 1 Medium Silk Moth (Bombyx mori) 2.5"
  • 1 Small Silk Moth (Bombyx mori) 2"

These paper insects are printed double-sided on heavy-weight cotton paper, and then expertly lasercut with a precise level of detail (you can see the individual little antennae, just like on a real moth!) They are based on real specimens, and accurately depict their size and coloration. Resin safe.

Both the larger designs are exquisitely rare species - the A. besanti is the rarest Luna Moth type in the world, and the Phyllium giganteum is very rare in nature too!

To make them appear more lifelike, simply bend the wings up at the crease. For larger moths, gently bend and curl the wingtips using your fingers until they are slightly rounded.

Use double-sided tape to attach them to projects, walls or even yourself!

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