Lifelike Snail Plush Toy

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Snails are small, slimy creatures that move around on their soft, flat foot. They have a distinctive spiral shell that is made up of several whorls. The color of the shell can range from shades of brown to bright yellow and even striped patterns.

On the inside of the shell, they have a mantle which produces mucus that helps them move and breathe. They have two pairs of tentacles on their head, with the top pair being longer and containing a light-sensing organ called an eye spot. They also have thousands of microscopic teeth that they use to scrape food off surfaces as they move along.

They are an important part of the ecosystem, providing food for birds, reptiles, amphibians and other creatures. They also help to aerate soil, decompose organic material, and recycle nutrients back into the environment.



Measures 15.7"


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