Lifelike Axolotl Plush Toy

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The Axolotl has a very deep mythological background. Reigning from the depths of Aztec mythology, Xolotl was a dog-headed god who guided soul of the dead to the underworld.

The headdress you see aren’t just foolish branches growing on top of the Axolotl’s head, it’s actually their gills!

They have regenerative powers. Yup, they’re basically superheroes. However, it isn’t unusual for amphibians to do so––it’s just that the Axolotl takes it one step further. Apart from being able to regenerate its limbs, the Axolotl can rebuild its jaws, spines, and even its brains when it sees a math question. It will regenerate, one way or another, perfectly.

Measures about 19.5" mouth to tail and 4" tall.

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