Astrosex: What the Stars Say About Our Sexuality by Amina Sutter and Anais Peyraud

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Astrology is a powerful tool for self-development, and it’s indelibly associated with love and relationships. But divining insights from a natal chart is just as fascinating when applied to sexuality: not just compatibility but taking a holistic approach to exploring sexual identity. Author Amina Sutter is an astrologer, and Amal Tahir is a sexual and relationship coach: with their combined expertise, they offer the essential tools to help anyone blossom into a fully realized, passionate person. What ignites interest inside the bedroom and outside of it? How can the major features of a natal chart be used to fuel sexual curiosity? What toys will work best? What erotic energies will create opportunities to flourish? This is an exciting, warm, and personal book that presents the sexual journey as a positive, empowering, and creative endeavor.

Hardcover, 175 pages

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