07/21/24 Death of a Pet

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Sunday, July 21, 2024 - 12:00-2:00PM

Monica Torres LFD and internally recognized Embalmer/Postmortem Reconstructive Specialist shares her own experiences preparing her beloved pet Fancy after a traumatic and unexpected death due to a dog fight. This class includes dos and don’ts of preparations of the body including special considerations for trauma cases and unexpected deaths. The course includes technical postmortem instruction on how to provide a home funeral successfully for a beloved pet.

In many instances losing our beloved pets can be more impactful than losing a human counterpart. The bonds we share with our animals are unlike any human relationship we encounter. In this enthralling seminar, Torres presents and delivers a practical guideline on how to create a loving tribute at home for your beloved pet prior to burial or cremation with body centered focus.

Torres offers practical technical training on how to disinfect, bathe and prepare the dead body of a family pet or service animal for public or private viewing. Further exploration focuses on the social aspects of how the death of a pet can be traumatizing and isolating. Torres imparts personal experience and tips on how to move through this difficult process with the support of friends and family. Once our pet is “put down” or found expired, a separate journey begins. There are options that most are not aware of such as preparing the body of your beloved pet at home and hosting your own home funeral for your pet and your family. This course is suitable for professionals or those who wish to provide after death care themselves.

*$50 fee is per person, per seat!* THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES OF ANY KIND.

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