Moon Bath: Bathing Rituals + Recipes For Relaxation + Vitality by Dakota Hills and Sierra Brashear

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Discover the transformative practice of moon bathing--bath and shower rituals aligned with lunar cycles. Organized by the four moon phases (New, Waxing, Full, and Waning), this book taps into the rhythms of the cosmos with 16 bath recipes, including:

  • For detoxification: a bath of ginger and baking soda
  • To cultivate love: a cacao and rose soak
  • To release negativity: a bath of eucalyptus and bentonite clay
  • To connect to your deepest wisdom: a bath of chamomile and lavender

Each bathing recipe is paired with meditations, journaling prompts, and self-care practices for relaxation and self-discovery. Brimming with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, plant-based medicine, and exercises for well-being, Moon Bath invites you to submerge yourself in the restorative powers of the natural world.

Hardcover, 168 pages

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