Upcoming Taxidermy Classes - Curious Nature

If you have ever had a passion and appreciation for taxidermy but have never known where to start exploring the art on your own, Curious Nature’s taxidermy classes are the perfect opportunity! 

Our next class will take place on Saturday, April 1st from 10:00am – 5:00pm (with a one hour break in between). Doug James from Frank James Artistry will be teaching our introductory class in bird taxidermy using European Starlings. Starlings are an invasive species in the United States and cost thousands in crop damages a year; many are culled throughout the year through government programs. Rather than let them go to waste, we try to utilize them in some way as a gesture of respect. They are beautiful birds, and males are black with iridescent purple, green, and black feathers. And what’s cooler than owning a taxidermy starling? Owning a taxidermy starling that you can say you made yourself!

The class will cover preparing your frozen specimen, skinning and fleshing, washing, drying and finally stuffing which includes forming and sculpting your own body form and wiring the feet and and wings of the bird, depending on what position you want to display your bird in. We will finish the class with posing and fluffing feathers to get your bird as lifelike as possible.

All materials are included in the sign-up fee, and students will leave with their finished bird and a new appreciation for the art of taxidermy. Who knows, you might like it even more than you initially thought and be tempted to take more classes that we offer and work on rats, squirrels, or chipmunks. These classes are a great way to get started on the basics, and we often have repeat students practicing their new abilities from prior classes on tiny mammals and birds alike. Not to mention, being in a room full of like-minded and curious individuals is a cultivating and interactive environment to receive tips and pointers on how to advance your newly learned skills. 

 Do not wait to sign up! We only offer a handful of taxidermy classes per year, and seats fill up quickly. No prior experience is necessary, so don’t let the thought of not knowing anything about the art beforehand detour you! To sign up and to read more about our classes, visit www.curiousnatureshop.com under the ‘classes’ tab or click here.  If you miss the bird taxidermy class, or would prefer to try your hand at another small mammal, our next taxidermy class will take place on May 6th, 2017. To register for that class, click here.

Three students from our first ever bird class at our old location on Roosevelt and 7th Street.