Summer Classes & Events!

Summer is here!! Keep cool with some of our upcoming classes and events! To sign up just follow the links or call/email/DM us if you have any questions!


     Learn tarot basics with seasoned reader Allison Dee. This crash course on cartomancy offers a brief history of tarot, and a “quick & dirty” rundown of how to start reading in a flash


      Former counterintelligence agent, Nick Rudolph, will begin lifting the veil surrounding the undercover world of espionage and intelligence. From famed spies of history and colonial cryptography to psychic spies and hackers for hire, this primer class will introduce you to an aspect of our world which is often misunderstood, misrepresented, and more complex than fiction can write. 


        Kids will learn how the pellet came to be, what types of bones they've uncovered, and also how to clean them!


          All materials are always provided and students get to leave with their completed mount.


            have your after death questions answered! Mortician/embalmer Cold Hands aka Monica Torres will be here to talk about what it's like to be a part of the mortuary services business and to answer the questions that you've been dying to ask! 


              Our first movie night! We will be screening the notorious 1932 classic, Freaks! There will be trivia, prizes, and snacks available! Entertainment all around!


                Selena, from the Wildflowers will be using her expert floral arranging skills to guide you through building your own beautiful dome display.  


                  Students will be learning how to prepare, hydrate, spread, and mount a variety of bugs and butterflies. Entomology kits will be shipped with bugs and instructions on how and when to rehydrate them so that they are ready to be pinned at 12pm local time.


                    Join astrologer and esotericist Jacob Trayer for a 2 hour introductory class on the mechanics of an astrological chart where we will dive into the several aspects of what makes astrology work, how a chart is composed, and the relationship to our lives in general.


                    Our most popular class! All materials are provided and students get to take their finished mounts!


                      Retired coroner Ron Crawford will discuss his past experiences in death investigation including murder, cannibalism, and dismemberment.


                      Tea leaf reader Susanne Brent will teach the ritual involved in preparing tea as well as detailed instructions on how to read the pattern of the leaves.