Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is on June 18th, are you guys gift ready for pops?? Here's some of our best gifts for dad this year!


1. Acrylic Paperweights

Simple, yet fascinating, our specimens preserved in acrylic are one of our personal favorites. They look great in any office, room, or displayed collection. 


2. Skull Bracelet

 Simple but badass!


 3. Brass Compass

For the man that won't ask for directions, now he'll never have to! 


 4. Break Your Own Geode

 These awesome geodes are all completely enclosed - the surprise is what's inside! You get to break your own and see what beauty they hold. 


5. Alligator Foot Back Scratcher

Is dad not flexible enough to get that one spot on his back?? 


6. Notebooks


With a variety of themes such as minerals, mushrooms, and bones, there's a journal to fit any style or taste.  


7. T Shirts

 Let dad rep his favorite shop!!


8. Books

We have a whole library of books for all to enjoy, but here is a small selection we think dads will enjoy!


9. Framed Insects

The male lethocerus takes on the role of guarding their eggs from predators making this one of the best dads in the bug world!


 P.S. Make sure you check out our greeting card selection! We design all of our own greeting cards in house and are proud to provide such unique cards for any occasion! 

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