Curious Nature’s Top 10 Gift Ideas - Curious Nature
Here at Curious Nature, we know how fun it can be to give unique and awe-inspiring gifts. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to finish up that holiday shopping. Seems like a lot of pressure, no? It doesn’t have to be! Kick back and de-stress with our list of top 10 most popular and unique gift ideas! We’ve got you covered.
The perfect gift for the naturally curious, our Curiosity Boxes are full of surprises for the nature lover in your life. Each box includes a unique sampling of items from our shop including stones, shells, preserved specimens, insects, and skulls! Looking for something a little larger or more unique? We also offer the Deluxe Curiosity box, which includes and even larger selection of items sure to intrigue and delight. Let us do the thinking for you and stop worrying about what your friend or partner will or won’t like. That’s the fun with these boxes: you never know what you’re going to get!
Some might find them cute, others might find them morbid; either way, these derpy ducklings are odd and cuddly. Don’t know what someone might want, but know that they love taxidermy and natural history? Not only are these one of our most affordable pieces of taxidermy, but they are also easy to display in any space, small or large. Better yet, none of these ducklings were harmed; they died naturally, a by-product of the farming industry.
Simple, yet fascinating, our specimens preserved in Lucite are one of our personal favorites. They are crystal clear, durable (good for gifting to young enthusiasts because of this), and look great in any office, room, or displayed collection. From fish to bats to octopi, there is a specimen for everyone.
We carry a large variety of jewelry! Dream Wings, native to Arizona, preserves natural elements such as butterfly wings and shed snakeskin between glass with lead free solder. These necklaces are truly a statement on their own and are sure to garner you dozens of compliments throughout the day. We also have bobcat jawbones, mink jaws, coyote teeth and claws, and other bone jewelry. What could be more timeless than a butterfly wing pendant?
Another staple in every natural history collector’s repertoire are mounted insects. We have dozens to choose from, and with prices starting at just $15.00 and going up to $150, there’s something special for everyone.
These antler-themed face mirrors are spectacularly different. We have three varieties: deer, ram, and gazelle. With their antique, yet modern look, they can add a bit of animal spirit to any room. We love gifting these because of their beauty and simplicity!
Madame Scodioli’s handmade perfumes, beard oils, and lotions are superb gift-giving ideas. With scents like sandalwood, lavender, and aged bourbon, most are also unisex. You can’t go wrong with any of her products, this I can assure you. I personally still haven’t been able to pick out a favorite scent, but the ‘Cloven’ perfume sells out every time. For all the men out there rocking facial hair, we’re always getting rave reviews on the Whisker Wax as well!
If you’re looking for a cool gift for the kids, these acrylic bug marbles are the way to go. With real preserved bugs, they’re sure to enthrall at any age! Each set comes with 15 marbles filled with various critters.
Not to be forgotten, the ever-popular terrarium. Tillandsia make great gifts on their own, and there are unlimited ways to display and gift them, so get creative! We carry a variety of containers and glass globes and domes in which to showcase them, but you can literally put them anywhere since they lack a root base and absorb water and air through their leaves. Accent them with gems and a few quartz points!
Books: the gift that keep on giving! We’ve got nature guides, witchy books, books on plant and tillandsia care and much more. We also have a selection of vintage and out of print books like ‘Diseases of Cattle,’ for your friends with literary tastes that are a bit harder to please.
If you are still unsure of just what to gift someone, feel free to stop in the shop, call us, or even email us! We would love to be your personal assistants and help you narrow it down to the perfect item!
Love always, and Happy Holidays, 
The Curious Nature Team