Wet mount specimens are perhaps one of the most attention-worthy items we carry here at Curious Nature, and most collectors either love them or cringe at the thought. Take your pick from fetal pigs, sheep hearts, snakes, lizards, or diaphonized frogs and rats: there’s a wet specimen for everyone!

            Preserving specimens in jars began in the 17th century. Anything from human body parts, to animals, to plants were collected and used mostly for schooling in science and medicine. By injecting formalin, a diluted version of formaldehyde, into the specimen and stopping the deterioration process it’s possible to keep them in an alcohol-based solution for hundreds of years. Some pieces that are centuries old look much the same as when they were initially jarred and treated. Creepy, yet…interesting?

            Don’t just take our word for it, come in and see our collection for yourself (and maybe pick out a special critter to take home with you)!

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