April & May Updates - Mother's Day, Classes, and More! - Curious Nature


We have been working extra hard putting new ideas and activities together for all of our loyal customers! In the next few months before the brunt of summer hits, we plan on bringing in new products, hosting at least 2 more classes, and putting on a mother’s day gifting event.



            Entomology, June 11th

Learn how to spread and pin butterflies, beetles, and more insects. Price includes specimens and all materials, and you leave with all of your spread insects ready to frame once they dry. **Sign up as early as you can to ensure seating availability!


            Bird Taxidermy, May--?

We are still determining an exact date for this class, as our owner will be in the process of moving into his new house, and we are working on sourcing birds. From what we know now, the class will most likely be using pheasants, quail, starlings, or pigeons. Stay tuned in for more updates, as this will be a class you will not want to miss!

Taxidermy Club

           We are planning to open up a new club, Taxidermy Club, that is! This day will be reserved and available only to students who have taken a class with us in the past. For a small fee, we would open our back room to you and set you loose to work on your own specimens, or perhaps one we provide to you like a mouse or rat! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please let us know, we would love to hear from you! Email heather@curiousnatureshop.com and let her know what you think and mention any ideas you might have. She will be hosting the Taxidermy Club days, since she is also a learning taxidermist! And its always more fun to work on projects like these with other like minded people. :) 


Art Nights 

         We have so many skulls and models for still life paintings that it seems like a waste to not bring it all back to life through art, whether that be with paint, graphite, or pastels. Let us know if this is something that might be of interest to you, or if you know some models who would like to come in to pose with skulls and other items we have in the shop. If you have any suggestions feel free to call us, stop by the shop, or email jill@curiousnatureshop.com so we can keep you on tab for updates. 


Mother’s Day 2016 (May 8th)

            Mother’s Day is just around the corner and will be here before you know it! why get your mom the same boring flowers you get her every year? Spiff it up with tillandsia and gems! We will be setting up a build-your-own terrarium station in the shop before the holiday so you can put something special together for mom with glass terrariums, a large variety of airplants, gems and minerals, and much more! We will announce more specific dates when we have everything prepared, product wise! J