Oddities & Curiosities Sticker, Color & Activity Book (Over 900 Stickers)

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Immerse yourself in the curious and macabre with this treasure trove of ephemera—with 500+ stickers, 50+ activity and coloring pages, and instructions for tarot reading, phrenology, and more.
If you’ve ever felt like the odd one out, this book is for you.
Oddities & Curiosities Sticker, Color & Activity Book offers you a chance to celebrate your uniqueness with a journey through all things weird and wonderful.

People on the periphery are often creative, and it’s this creativity that leads them into art, jewelry making, poetry, even taxidermy—anything that can make use of a mind filled with curiosity, empathy, and a unique outlook on life. A pursuit of oddities and curiosities often overlaps with an interest in the more macabre and weird elements that surround us. With this activity book, you, too, can partake in these curious and leisurely pastimes.

Relax, explore your creativity, and add fun to your free time with:

  • Exquisitely illustrated stickers: Use them to decorate envelopes, gift wrap, letters, scrapbooks, photo albums, or the lip balms and resin art that you can make with instructions in the book.
  • Enchanting coloring pages,featuring line-drawn images of moths, skulls, crystals, and more. Each full-page line-drawn design has a meditative pattern on the back that you can color in any way you like, regardless of your artistic abilities. You could even adorn your finished works of art with the stickers.
  • Word games and activities, such as mazes, connect-the-dots, trivia, matching, Gothic name generator, and more!
  • Fun pastimes, with instructions for phrenology, reading tarot, or cleansing crystals.

With beautiful foil accents on the cover, so many pages to look at, so many things to do, and so much joy to be had in these pages,
Oddities & Curiosities Sticker, Color & Activity Book is the perfect book to have on hand when a free moment strikes. It’s also a darling gift for anyone who enjoys stickers, coloring, word games, and plain old fun.



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