Lifelike Tardigrade Plush Toy

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So, what makes tardigrades so special? For starters, they are one of the few known animal groups that can withstand the vacuum of space. In fact, tardigrades were the first animals to be sent into space and survive! They can also endure freezing temperatures, boiling water, and incredibly high levels of radiation. In other words, tardigrades are virtually indestructible!

Another interesting fact about tardigrades is that they can enter a state of suspended animation, or "hibernation," when conditions are unfavorable. During this time, tardigrades will cease all metabolic activity and remain in a dormant state for years, or even decades! When conditions improve, tardigrades will "wake up" and resume their normal activities.

Tardigrades are one of the few known animals that can reproduce asexually. This means that they can produce offspring without the need for a mate. When conditions are unfavorable for reproduction, tardigrades will simply produce clones of themselves.

Measures 9.5".

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