Madame Scodioli Handmade lotion

Madame Scodioli

$ 24.99 

Those who have travelled with the Scodioli troupe know that running this outfit is no small task. Madame hustles her bustle from sunrise to sunset, and once those gates close for the night, she's more than ready to slip into that old clawfoot bath and sip a little whiskey. And this is no coffin varnish, mind you - Madame is terribly particular. Fine old whiskey ranks high on her list of favorites (just below chocolate and shoes, in fact). Although she shares her best bottle with precious few people, she doesn't see the harm in sharing the bouquet with you, dear reader.

Laudanum - Tobacco and Black Tea

Step Right Up - Cedar, Saffron, and Vetyver

Lotion made with our favorite scents from Madame Scodioli.