Animal Anatomy: Sniff Tips, Running Sticks, and Other Accurately Named Animal Parts by Sophie Corrigan

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Each critter featured in this fun book is tagged with totally fictitious yet comically accurate anatomical labels, from a tree frog's "clingy jazz hands" and a raccoon's "sneaky bandito mask," to a velociraptor's "disembowly prowlies" and many more. In Animal Anatomy, illustrator Sophie Corrigan evokes everyone's inner zoologist with animal parts that although not anatomically correct are absolutely spot-on!
  • Includes animal puns, eye-catching bonus art, and interesting animal facts.
  • Unscientific names for scientific parts such as a duck's "rub-a-dub dubbers," a sheep's "phat afro," a horse's "concealed good luck charms," a weasel's "pipe cleaner," and so many more.
  • Sophie Corrigan is an illustrator and author based in the United Kingdom.

Hardcover, 128 pages.

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