03/17/23 Heavenly Bodies Book Talk with Paul Koudounaris

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Join us on Friday, March 17th from 7:00 - 8:30pm to hear Dr. Paul Koudounaris discuss his book “Heavenly Bodies.”

There will be an opportunity to have your copy of “Heavenly Bodies” signed. PRE-ORDER the book here: https://curiousnatureshop.com/products/heavenly-bodies-cult-treasures-spectacular-saints-from-the-catacombs-by-paul-koudounaris?_pos=1&_sid=9d8929cf3&_ss=r

The "Heavenly Bodies" are not only history’s greatest masterpieces of art in human bone, they are relics of a strange and forgotten history. Discovered in the Roman Catacombs in the late sixteenth century, the skeletons were initially believed to have been Early Christian martyrs and therefore considered sacred. Carefully reassembled and richly adorned in jewels and precious costumes by teams of nuns, they were sent to Northern Europe as visions of Heavenly Glory, flamboyant devotional items that could help bolster the Catholic Church after it had been rocked by the Protestant Reformation. Indeed, they became important parts of the spiritual lives of many people, the skeletons gaining an obsessive and cult-like following. Yet as time passed certain uncomfortable truths emerged—fraud, graft, and the presence of an obscure group of psychics in the Vatican claiming bizarre lineages for the bones eventually caused the Church that had once promoted the Heavenly Bodies as a sacred, skeletal army to in turn cast them out and condemn them to the dust bin of history. Join Dr. Paul Koudounaris, who tracked them down and pieced their stories back together, for a lecture and slideshow on this fascinating topic.  

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