Breathtaking Extra Large Amethyst Druze Specimen (8")


$ 149.99 

Extra Large Deep Purple Amethyst Geode Crystal Speicmen

This gorgeous, one of a kind Amethyst chunk is a statement piece if there ever was one! It really will add to any collection just with it's sheer size and sparkle, there are plenty of large crystal clusters on this beauty. This mineral specimen measures about 8" in width, about 7" tall, and features one flat cut base so that it can be displayed either standing and laying like a dish. 

We think this piece is beautiful enough all on it's own, but it seamlessly blends into any collection as a bright accent as well. The deep purple color crystal formations contrast beautifully with the bright greens of our pinned out insects, or even makes for a beautiful backdrop to a nice skull. 

Amethyst is probably most known for being the traditional birthstone of the month of February, but this fascinating quartz variety can be found in many different places around the world. Ancient Greeks and Romans actually used pieces of Amethyst as protection from intoxication, and it has always been considered a stone of royalty. 

This listing is for the one specific piece of Amethyst in the photos, but we have plenty of other beautiful options to choose from: