Beyond the Veil: 13 Tales on the Dark Side by L.F. Falconer

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How well do you know your friends? Your family? The helpful stranger? From the Nevada high desert, to a moss-draped southern swamp, to a mysterious, wind-swept North Sea isle, to a distant alien planet; whether it be ghoulies or ghosties or things that gnaw at the edge of darkness; the "tap-tap-tap" of Wee Tommy's hammer, the "boom-ba-boom" that echoes through a lakeside forest, the haunting bark of a dog in the wilderness, or the seemingly friendly wave of your neighbor across the street; these thirteen tales just might leave you with a few shuddering twinges of doubt. What's real? What's not? But most importantly, who can you truly trust with your life?

Paperback, 188 pages

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