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View all abalone shell acrylic insect acrylic necklace acrylic specimen acrylic specimens adjustable necklace air plant terrarium alligator amethyst amethyst crystal amethyst crystal decoration amethyst druze amethyst necklace animal jewelry animal remains animal skin shed Antique antique curiosities antiques aragonite art print artistic jewelry badger bone badger jaw bone beaver beetle beta birds black bear bones black bear oddities bone bones bones and taxidermy books books about nature books about plants books on plants botanicals bowl break your own geode bubble terrarium butterflies butterfly butterfly art butterfly collection butterfly jewelry carnivorous plants coffin plate colored pencils concrete cool keychain creepy gift crystal crystal necklace crystal pendant crystal point crystal specimen crystal tower curiosities curiosities and oddities curiosities for sale curiosities office curiosities shop phoenix curiosity curiosity shop curiosity shop phoenix curious home dark purple amethyst death's head hawk moth death's head moth deer antler deer antler jewelry display insect druze crystal entomology fish flower bracelet foot fossil fragrance framed insect framed moth funeral curiosities funeral items gator head gem geode geode crystal Gift Card gift for her gift for kids gift for nature lover grow plants hand crafted jewelry hand made jewelry designer handmade jewelry handmade jewelry artists handmade jewelry designers handmade jewelry in phoenix handmade necklace hawk moth healing crystal jewelry Health & beauty heart home goods how to books human incense insect jaw jaw bone jewelry keychain large amethyst large taxidermy lizard disection lock luna moth magnifying glass minderals mineral specimen monkey mounted butterfly mounted death's head moth mounted insect mounted moth natural beauty natural bone natural crystal natural crystal formation natural crystal point natural gemstone natural geode crystal natural jewelry natural mineral natural mineral specimen natural rock natural shell nature nature books nature lover nature treasures nautilus nautilus shell necklace with amethyst crystal obscura obscura jewelry occult ocean finds oddities shop oddity office old grown forests one of a kind gift ouija board paper weight photo phrenology head plant care planter preserved bug preserved insect preserved lizard preserved mantis puffer pufferfish purple amethyst quartz quartz crystal real insect real insect keychain real jaw bone real lizard real preserved flower real shell sacred geometry SALE sea life sea shell selenite selenite crystal set sheep shell shell for sage skeleton skull skulls and bones smudge shell snake jewelry snake shed curiosities snake shed necklace snake skin shed spider spider necklace stones stones and minerals strange gifts tarantula tattoos taxidermy taxidermy alligator taxidermy for sale terrarium tetra tillandsia venus fly trap vervet vinta vintage vintage art vintage chart vintage funeral collection vintage print vintage style wall art wall print weird jewelry weird things